Poette: "It means the greatest poet of all time." GOD DESERVES THAT TITLE; His Word is the "Opus" of all that is.... "Do you know it?"

Welcome! Be encouraged, challenged, convicted:

"...that each to-morrow
Find us farther than to-day."


The Sick Soul

It is justifiable to say: we all need to be like Mary (to have our souls feed) and like Martha (to minister to other’s physical well-being), but we are to never overemphasize physical realities and blessings more than the spiritual.

Famines Make for Hungry People

It’s not koshered to say, “the Lord communicated to me”. (I also don’t want to be pelted by rocks for telling you “thus says the Lord”!) So, I will simply say “I have been waiting for this INSANE junction America has arrived to, for these last 6 years.” Waiting and preparing…and wishing for more time […]

What’s the Bad news?

…the older we get, we either become more and more soft for the world (heaven/life) before us, or we become more calloused and hardened as we lose the upper-hand on this upside-down world. In terms of heart and character—we become more genuine in grace; or, on the contrary: more rigid and dead(.)

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