The GREATEST EVIL: Passivity

PASSIVITY IS THE GREATEST EVIL OF OUR TIME…. You may be wondering why I have suddenly become inflamed and vocal about the affairs of our government. First of all, I want to set the record straight, I’m not involved with politics—I simply love law and order (that is not politics). God has created law and […]

“Consent of the Governed”

This morning I awoke at 3:00A.M. (which is nearly normal) and had a phrase tucked neatly at the front of my mind. The phrase for consideration was the, “Consent of the governed….” For those of you in “the know” that is constitutional language from THE CONSTITUTION. Why it was tucked there at such an early […]

Saying Nothing IS Saying Something; Doing Nothing Is Doing Something

My pen will never run out of ink because God’s sovereignty is never without a message. The message I deliver to you is a world view that involves your very life(.) Consider the following old poem/proverb (I do not know it’s origin): For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a […]