Michael Morden Jr.

“I’m an avid writer and thinker who enjoys getting the “gears” to turn thru Biblical inspiration. A mind is a terrible thing to waste; it’s highest achievement is to be exercised for God’s glory. So, why not?”

Currently, I’m a blue-collar tradesman with a year of seminary (SBTS, Louisville KY) behind me, the husband of an incredible wife, and a father of five beautiful children. We move where the Lord leads and lean on him for our understanding. Michigan is our home and the Church–wherever you are–our calling.

So… you have stumbled onto this site, and I am grateful. At times I may take myself too seriously (sorry) and many times I take the Word of God very seriously (I make no apology). My goal is to strengthen believers for what I believe is coming. (And if it doesn’t, oh well—being spiritually strong is still a worthy endeavor, right?!) While I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, I believe my mission in life is to help strengthen and equip those who will listen and point them in the direction of a FULL LIFE and why it matters. Every day I intend to post an audio devotional from our beloved Puritan forefathers. I would encourage anybody and everybody to get this one devotional volume “Voices From the Past”. It—in my opinion—is a secondary growth-resource to the Bible. Check it out, keep listening, keep reading; keep growing!