The Sick Soul

If Christianity is real (and I know that it is), why do many of us live with more intentionality for this life—rather than for the life that is to come? (Wouldn’t it be utter insanity, to acknowledge what is reality–the life to come–and rather ourselves to live contrary to what is true?!) Why are my investments, my covetousness, my lusts, and desires for things that do not satisfy? Why don’t I rather “covet” that state-of-soul of men from the past who could not be bought or bribed because of their conviction? Why do I not “lust” with the burning desire to run this life for the glory of God—rather than for the pleasure of my mortal being?

I don’t consider myself a surgeon, but I do aspire to be one of the soul! Maybe that sounds like drivel to you—even stupid…. But what if I told you the soul is really the only thing you get to keep, and most are NOT keeping it well. Many Christians—even non-Christians alike—are so focused on “doing” that they do not watch over their soul, question their soul, feed their soul, exercise their soul, nor push the limits of their mental faculties for the glory of understanding the foretastes of God’s eternal pleasures!

Consider Mary and Martha (Luke 10:42). Both are seeking to give glory to God, but one is despising the other! Martha—the doer and diligent servant is despising her sister for not doing what she is doing—she is despising her sister for not having the earnest desire to serve others as she is serving. Martha’s gift is wonderful until she desires her sister to be like her. But Mary is not this way. She sits at the feet of Jesus and listens to him. It is not as if she is making Mary to serve her and is unconcerned about the welfare of her sister’s sanity—or that of her guests—she is just so taken up with her Lord that she marvels at his word more than at the work to be done. Her intent is not to harm her sister but to have her soul fed.

Now, Jesus could never be deceived (he is fully God), and this situation is not an exception. Jesus sees to the heart of the matter and the position of the soul. Jesus addresses the “Marthas” of this life by saying, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things.” Jesus goes on to rebuke Martha kindly; not diminishing her service. “…but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken from her.”

It is justifiable to say: we all need to be like Mary (to have our souls feed) and like Martha (to minister to other’s physical well-being), but we are to never overemphasize physical realities and blessings more than the spiritual. Jesus will end up telling us that we did NOT choose the “…good part, which will not be taken away….”

The soul is a very sick thing these days. It is malnourished, made to be a slave to flesh, and is often a filthy thing that goes unwashed and nourished by the Word. All of us are hungry people looking for peace, pleasure, and rest. But do not overlook your own soul and starve throughout life! Jesus mends and draws near to the broken hearted and the weak in soul. His desire, foremost, is that you constantly draw nearer and listen dearer. Then—and only then—you can feed others, and care for others with great strength. All your cares can melt away at the foot of Jesus, at the foot of the cross, and within the relationship of constant fellowship with the one who created you.

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