Famines Make for Hungry People

It’s not koshered to say, “the Lord communicated to me”. (I also don’t want to be pelted by rocks for telling you “thus says the Lord”!) So, I will simply say “I have been waiting for this INSANE junction America has arrived to, for these last 6 years.” Waiting and preparing…and wishing for more time to prepare for what is coming.

There is a “famine” in the land and people have starved themselves of truth. Often, people prepare for hard times by storing-up/stocking-up on food, clothing, miscellaneous implements for survival. But one thing I have witnessed a lack of—it’s the lack of stockpiling TRUTH in the heart! Truly, we have arrived here—in our current crisis—because we have esteemed our physical treasures more than the manna that feeds our souls: THE WORD OF GOD. Book burnings are not necessary, if the truth has been stamped from people’s hearts. (I’m talking to believers and unbelievers.)

I’ve witnessed conversions where I thought conversions impossible. I’ve witnessed God’s hand move mightily in people who are not afraid to live what the Word says. And, because I have witnessed the finger of God in the lives of others, I must chalk up the current crisis to the fault of “non-preaching” Christians. EVERYONE “PREACHES” SOMETHING, and most of what I have witnessed in Christian circles is “I can have my Jesus but love earthly treasures more.” ABSOLUTELY NOT. “Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.” We have a lot of hearts that are going to be destroyed by moths and rust—because they are not belonging to heaven and its LORD(!)

The goal for my life is to live on purpose and die with purpose. Urgency is of the essence, and it’s why I take the time to write. My zeal is not unwarranted, and many of you know my zeal started long before this American crisis! Our goal as Christians is not to infect your life; rather, to affect your life—and each other as we see the DAY approaching.

I have perceived America to be a conglomerate of gentile nations. America could never have come on the scene and have its fruits of freedom if it were not for the Gospel! And, now that much of our nation has a “form of godliness” and denies His power in and thru the Gospel…we will likewise perish without its sustaining power and glory held in prominence. The proverbial “city on a hill”—once a beacon to nations—is drying in the heat, only to be burned by the judgements of Almighty God for the nations of the earth to behold.

On your dollar bill shows an eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch. According to Romans 11, the wild olive branch will eventually be broken off from the sap of the tree: Christ. In essence: a great falling away; a “fullness of the gentiles” (Romans 11:25) must happen. American freedom has been a massive achievement by God operating among the nations. Am I positive this is what is happening currently? No. Will it need to happen eventually? Yes.

In some regard, I also witness a gloating among believers about the destruction happening! That is not good. You cannot speed up or predict the Lord’s return. So, as you look up in hope, plow/plant/sow in hope! (1Cor. 9:10). We “fight” for proclamation of truth until the time is “cut short” by his return. There is nothing more appalling than a Christian keeping silent when LIFE and the Power of God is on their tongue!

I’ve gotten tired and have been tempted to “check out”: stop preaching, stop writing, stop encouraging and keep to myself. However, I feel such a fire in my bones that if I do not preach, warn, write, or encourage…it would be only the “quenching” of the spirit that would become my mission. I cannot do that; NEITHER CAN YOU.

A fellow coworker randomly—and unknowingly—came to me in my discouragement (the Monday after preaching): “Mike, are you staying on the straight and narrow?” (I almost burst into tears.) He followed that up by saying, “Of course you are. I’m not sure why I even said that!” Well, I know why he did! It’s the same reason I am writing this to you: STAY ON THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW. Live for him without apology. You have no business “checking out” when you have the hope within you for others to know too. When famine comes, so do hungry people–for truth!

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