Freedom Does Not Die

You can never lose Freedom. Yes, you may lose the protection of your freedoms, but if such liberties and freedoms be given by God—any entity must answer to Him for violating His granted Liberties! THE CHRISTIAN HAS MUCH FREEDOM AND LIBERTIES ORDAINED BY GOD; HE/SHE IS THE MOST FREE PERSON ON EARTH. No power can snuff out this Freedom…not even death.

When governments, institutions, people, employers, etc. back Christians into a corner—in an attempt to violate their God-given liberties—God not only takes personal offense; he has well calculated precision in He vengeance plan! Push the Christian (God’s people) and realize you are picking on “mother bear’s cub”! You should not undermine the wrath in store for those who seek to “cause his little ones to stumble….” (Matt 17:1-2) Eventually the “meek and lowly Jesus” comes with a “robe dipped in blood” (Rev. 19:3) and the shout of an archangel! Eventually God will say “enough”. The question is: whose side are you on; will you choose to be the cause of another person’s stumbling—perhaps even through ambiguity or “lukewarm-ness”or to stand resolute? If not resolute; then, “woe to the one through whom they come!” (Matt. 17:1)

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