Bulls of Bashan

This letter is directed to you: the reader. While this subject may seem outlandish to some, to others it will echo in their heart and soul. The bottom-line: I believe time is growing very short, and I am not unwarranted in my assumptions. Let me explain.

Many of you know my testimony: my near-death experience, and my conversion to Christ. But only a few know what took place a year after my incident. By one man–I was told I was hearing the devil when I tried to explain my case. Others—they were intrigued, and even some said I must do something radically different with my life. But a Baptist isn’t supposed to hear or see anything related to phenomena! Am I right? So, I’ll give you a snapshot of what happened—play by play. Judge it for yourself, scrutinize it…I simply don’t care. (I don’t live for your approval.)

A year after my radical conversion I was becoming more and more aware that God wants to exercise his power thru his people—not thru signs and wonders necessarily, rather, living for his return and radically dedicating ourselves to the task of living for the coming Kingdom (It’s real by the way). This requires an “all or nothing” approach that seeks to root out hypocrisy in personal daily living. Jesus warned about it in Luke 12:1. So, praying is what I was constantly doing; walking and talking with the Lord in the woods, preaching the Word to myself (because no one could hear what I was doing), and staying up late just to sit in silence and meditate on what God was teaching me. One night I stayed up late—on my knees, and bowed in silence, meditating on the Word (at the time I was reading the OT minor prophets and reading Jesus’ ministry in the gospels), and prayed until I fell asleep.

At one point, I awoke startled–hearing my name called! Thinking it was my wife–at 1:00 in the morning–I woke her and asked what she needed. Needless to say, she said I was mistaken and that she did not call me. So, I went back to praying, and minutes later—I hear my name called again (this time I had not been sleeping). So, I peeked in on my wife again, and she was fast asleep: it wasn’t her.

At this point, I’m thinking of the story of Samuel…and definitely thinking I need to get some sleep before I really lose my mind! So, I did…and that is when the unthinkable happened.

(Just so you know, I’m giving you the “bare-bones” truth as I can best describe.) I don’t know if it was a dream/vision or what…but it felt very real. I was in an open field and the ground began to quake. In the distance came innumerable bulls that were stampeding towards me. I stood firm; unhindered in spite of what was about to happen—until the Bulls encompassed me round about. However, something kept these devils at bay! And, although they thrashed and threatened—they could not break thru the space between them and myself. Suddenly, a white light was emanating from above; the light was also in me, and it was comforting—but as I looked down, I realized I was being taken up above all the chaos below. It was at this point that I recognized the sound of rushing wind and my thoughts saying (as audibly as speaking) “I have all eternity, let me serve you for a little while longer here.” And a voice broke thru my own, saying to me, “What about them?” (in other words, “have you considered them?”) I never looked into the light above because I knew that none could see God and live…but I wanted to.

It is then that I “came to”. I was now fully awake and finding myself in a sitting position in bed and shaking my wife awake. “Did you see that?!” Her response was groggy, and she obviously did not share my enthusiasm because she did not see it/hear it.

I have had other experiences but nothing I want to share. LET IT BE KNOWN: EXPERIENCES ARE NOT GOSPEL AND NEITHER ARE THEY ABOVE THE BIBLE. I recognize that even if an angel preached another gospel, we ought not to believe it (Galatians 1:8). Please, I welcome you to test what I say and am about to say—but only test using the Word of God. This happened 5yrs ago and I haven’t had a single day where I haven’t thought about my words and those words: “what about them?”

The interpretation is clear to me as I watch things in our world unfold. We live in a world of clashing Kingdoms: spiritual realities vs. physical Kingdoms. The Church is facing off with the authorities of the world…and will continue, until she is taken from here out of the chaos that is about to happen. The sound of rushing wind is the sound of the Holy Spirit leaving as it had come in the beginning—catching God’s elect away to Him. And the question that pierces my thoughts daily are: “What about them?” Who are these Bulls?

The Bulls of Bashan (demons, authorities) once encircled Christ at His crucifixion (Psalm 22:12), and the powers that be are encircling the children of God now—those children who carry their cross daily—until they are taken up into glory. The question that begs to be asked: what kingdom are we living for and what are we appeasing? “What about them?” The authorities in the world cannot touch you because God receives you—even when others do not.

I sold my home and pursued ministry because I wanted Godly insight and answers—real discipleship—and to be among others of (what I perceived to be) strong faith…. This last year revealed fallacies in my thinking that the LORD made me to see: that man’s ways and institutions will fail–but God never will!  My experience simply showed me that Churches are cowering to lesser kingdoms…and it breaks my heart—it breaks God’s heart. I certainly don’t mean to be cryptic in any of this, it’s just one experience that makes me anticipate daily, the return of my savior, and the resolve I must have to honor Him here. THE KINGDOMS OF THE WORLD ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT IS GOING TO BE REVEALED TO US.

Be encouraged. Expect great things from our LORD. Fear only one. Give honor by living honorably. And anticipate the day of His coming by being a patriot of heaven—to both aid and oppose lesser kingdoms when God has told us to “seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8), and seek His “…will [to] be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)

Test what I have written. It’s a weight off my chest and may give you greater insight as to why I am earnest about the times, the seasons; why I am diligent to know and DO God’s will. Hold onto the Word of God. Your life depends on it. This is not a prediction, simply an experience that may excite you to live for the Kingdom coming—instead of keeping the “status quo” with worldly agendas.

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