Chapter 1: Your Call (entry 1)

Chapter 1: Your Call

            I make no apology for the title of this book. Without it, the emphasis reaching beyond “political correctness” would be missing. This is not a politically correct work—which is why I believe it can have an impact on those who read it. The message it contains will not be impeded by those who stand against it.

            If you did not read the “Introduction”, please reconsider. It will help orient and calibrate your mindset as to where this is all coming from and where it is going. The aim is to fill our sails with the wind of God, position ourselves in the stewardship of his graces—by recognizing where we are in these “shoals” and the 180º we must make.

            Sounds complicated? Trust me, it’s not. I’m writing to you and for you…because I know many of you and your positions in life. I’ll explain.

My Position

            God got a hold of my sorry blue-collar when I wasn’t looking for it! My  life consisted of going through the typical motions of daily life; church, family, activity, work—nothing worth writing home about, until an accident landed me in the hospital because of a 20’ fall on my back. It should have killed me or at least broke some bones. It did neither. It damaged some internal organs temporarily, yet I still managed to walk out of the hospital with the pride I had left. This brush with death was not my last; yet it proved to humble me to a place where I could finally receive God’s grace in full strength. And it is STRONG! (His strength makes the strong to stagger and the weak to stand.)

            Maybe, just maybe, God could be up to something like my short account for many Americans! We are literally watching Lady Liberty breathe her last—which gives many of us a greater appreciation for her past vitality! Her strength was in her God from the outset. No matter what political position you come from, you cannot deny the plethora of historical facts: most (not all) were a people/nation driven by faith—to give God glory from its very inception. Starting with the zeal of pilgrims/puritans to the Declaration of Independence and drafting of the Constitution; there can be no denying the drive behind their convictions and the weight of responsibility they shouldered for the successive generations! And now where are we? We seek our own glory, our own laws…. Our own understanding is “god” to us…and we tack “God” onto it. We are the problem.

            He will not be patronized like a little child. He cannot be bribed with our reasonings and philosophies. My fear is that many do not consider the power of God’s “absoluteness” and therefore have no absolute answers enabling them to tackle our greatest problems. What is our greatest problem? We have rejected truth…and if you do not have truth–the kind of truth that doesn’t change–America and her Constitution with inevitably die! We have embraced a “deconstructionist” mindset/posture to truth. But last I knew…demolition crews have one purpose: to destroy foundations so another foundation and structure can be built in its place! There is an agenda, and if there is—then we must have one to counter. The zealous Christian always does.

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