The GREATEST EVIL: Passivity


You may be wondering why I have suddenly become inflamed and vocal about the affairs of our government. First of all, I want to set the record straight, I’m not involved with politics—I simply love law and order (that is not politics). God has created law and order; and yes, when it gets threatened by lawlessness, I get angry. You should too. Law is a gift from God and it is the only thing that preserves our Nation and form of government.

Please enter my head for just a moment. I have witnessed in the course of 1 year domestic violence, what I believe to be sex trafficking, drug abuse, child abuse, etc. How does this correlate with law of government? It relates because of how our government is set up: YOU/WE are responsible! I’ve called the cops with sex trafficking claims, witnessed domestic violence, and still trying to know my involvement as to this revelation. IT IS HAPPENING BECAUSE OF A DISREGARD FOR LAW AND ORDER from the bottom up.

I am not advocating for vigilantism. I am advocating for people to love others by upholding law and having a righteous anger when law (as of recent times and before) are passed to give license to perversion and lawless behavior! PASSIVITY IS THE GREATEST EVIL OF OUR TIME and it is in our pulpits, congregations, seminaries, public squares, schools, institutions, and homes. I have heard stories of cops not wanting to show up to situations, and even witnessed it firsthand; the ability of law enforcement to make a “sting”– against what I believed to be a sex trafficking operation–and police instead fearing what it would mean to their personal safety, instead showing up 24+ hours later!

BEING PASSIVE DOES NOT MAKE YOU SPIRITUAL OR GODLY, IT MAKES YOU SPEWED DRIVEL FROM GOD’S MOUTH; A LUKEWARM CHRISTIAN WHO SEEKS TO PRESERVE YOURSELF AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS. I have and will continue to be misunderstood by Christian elitists, those who think my inflammation of patriotism is a result of bad theology. What you don’t understand, is that I hold the church responsible, myself responsible, our lack of zeal responsible for what is happening in this nation, our neighborhoods, our very souls. Freedom is NOT license to do wrong, it is in fact, self-governance to do and be recognized for doing that which is right. It’s called “Liberty and Justice” for a reason. But redefine “freedom” and you will not have neither!

I’m not trying to preach…and then again, I cannot keep silent. I hope that I am the same person away from my writing platforms as I am in person. Maybe this will give you insight as to why I am the way I have become…and maybe it is by God’s design that I increase in this zeal for righteousness! I hope you are feeling the same and will square off against corruption when it comes to your doorstep too.

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