Is Freedom Dead?

Every good writer is a good reader, every good scholar studies the facts (primary sources), and every true and good American avails themselves to both history and the meaning of freedom….

I have wrestled with the definition of freedom lately because of the toxicity that I know our country is having—not only its own people—but on other nations who are watching our barbaric and sickening behavior. (I could list the big-name offenders, but I won’t here.) Freedom is intimately connected with America’s history, and if we don’t know the origination of this word FREEDOM—let alone the creed that is intimately tied to it—we will have a word gutted from its meaning. Freedom becomes the door for which evil walks through; people will begin to recognize the unbecoming nature of evil, then, in an effort to control the evil, tyranny is (unwittingly) raised up in place of freedom for the protection of people from themselves! If people do not have self-control/self-governance, freedom goes extinct.

So where does freedom come from? I believe it comes from moral absolutes (things people don’t want to admit that really exist). Because the west has nominated postmodernism as its conscience in the affairs of nearly everything, then there is no resolve to consider absolutes. This leads to a confusion of what is right and what is wrong. The reason I say “good Americans avail themselves to history and the meaning of freedom,” is because without being a “self-controlled people” who “Consent” to be governed under moral absolutes, freedom is just a byword from the past. To value freedom is to go back to its historical definition and the formula that makes it successful!

God’s laws make freedom possible. I know it sounds too simple…but we have really made it confusingly-wrong by tweaking and experimenting against “moral absolutes”—those we didn’t design. This admittance can only come by humbly accepting that mankind is not what makes the universe go around or defines the reality of life! If people cannot humbly accept that they don’t make the world turn, or don’t get to be the author of their own absolutes…then they will literally deny themselves freedom by seeking to redefine it.

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