“Consent of the Governed”

This morning I awoke at 3:00A.M. (which is nearly normal) and had a phrase tucked neatly at the front of my mind. The phrase for consideration was the, “Consent of the governed….” For those of you in “the know” that is constitutional language from THE CONSTITUTION. Why it was tucked there at such an early hour, I cannot say…except that it was a sober thought—as I consented to the impression.

The government of the United States serves its people BECAUSE the people CONSENT to it. If we do not consent…(you get the picture). But I wanted to hone in on something even more important than the surface meaning of these words; it makes us to browse through history to discover that this is a VERY ODD FORM OF GOVERNMENT—when people actually CONSENT to being led!

Even more than that, consider other forms of government: Egypt, Babylon, Rome, England. They were world powers/authorities, governments; but they had a religious side to them. Egypt: Pharaoh believes himself to be a god and his nation divinely appointed. Babylon: the king believes himself to be god on earth and divinely appointed. England: the kingdom is believed to be divinely appointed; using such language as “God save the king”, “Long live the King,” and using the terms, “It is God’s will” to permit force and course of action by the Monarchy.
And America? She is different. She does not appeal to a god/king…but is to recognize—along with history’s finest examples—that there is a divine quality to her blessings. However, instead of attributing her success to it’s leaders, her success is attributed to the people…as is her demise. This government was founded on the backs of the “self-controlled” people; those who believed in moral absolutes—or at least CONSENTED to “moral-absolutism”. In a Postmodern America, freedom is a vapor of the moral and disappears with them!

Unless America recognizes her true Sovereign Authority, then there is absolutely no hope. People may scream for freedom, but they do not know where the word comes from. The postmodern thinker of today believe it to mean “no restraint” when it actually means “Liberty and Justice for All”…. And only a divine Sovereign can establish such a government. He—God—rules thru the hearts of his people…or he does not. (Plain and simple.)

After reading some of John Locke’s “Two Treatise of Government” I now know why institutions no longer encourage the reading(!) (Even though it was the philosophical backbone to our form of government, it is resisted.) The reason for discouraging it from being read?? It promotes a Biblical world view, insofar that it cites the Bible to aid in the argument for better government (all being prior to the founding of these United States).

When institutions argue with their students, or when government officials insist on the use of secular language/ideas to support a position/argument; this absurdly defies our founding principles! You cannot have freedom without God. If a people want “freedom” without God; they are really meaning “no moral restraint”, in which case it will lend them to tyranny because Gods does not write with the pen of perversion. Instead, he writes with the pen of FREEDOM. FREEDOM is what the immoral are unwittingly putting to death.

Of course, continue to legislate and write just laws! But unless God rules the heart of the people, the salt of this nation will lose its savor and be trampled underfoot. So, why do I write this humbuggish prose? I do it to survey the landscape of the greater stratagem; the one every Christian must be currently engaged in! The firepower must be concentrated upon its proper aim or else this nation falls! Unless the Lord build the house, we labor in vain…. So, we must go to the master builder to lay hold of any success!

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