Be A Firebrand

I intend to be a firebrand in the eye of the wicked, an arrow on the bow of Almighty God, and a pebble in the shoe of tyranny and the philosophical offspring of the devil. My provocations and convictions will be worn as my colors, signaling the station of my engagement in the battle for freedom. This country cannot stand if good men stand by; say nothing, do nothing, and are not willing to suffer for truth in ANY station currently occupied.

Yes, I said suffer. Suffering is coming, it is just a matter of what will you suffer: the assault against your conscience, or the bowing down by doing nothing? I am ticked. I will rally. And I will not lay down my words or actions until I lay down my very life! History has come knocking and is looking for a repeat engagement against the American people! IT IS CALLED TYRANNY, EVIL, AND SEDITION AGAINST THE VERY CREED AND CONSTITUTIONAL TREATISE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Revolution has come…but not the one you think. Working from within; governors, caucuses, the senate, and the systems of our governance are gutting the United States and stuffing her as a trophy to put on the shelf of history as a byword to the observing world. YOU CANNOT KEEP SILENT, YOU MUST TALK, YOU MUST EDUCATE, YOU MUST STAND…and suffer for something greater than comfort and ease. Foremost, be willing to be misunderstood in your love for country, people, and freedom. (You must come to terms with this.)

The greatest men I have come to admire are those that felt defeated and fought anyway. George Washington being one of them. He won admiration because he was not seeking it! He was a leader because he couldn’t be bought, wouldn’t be bought, and only wanted to be free and go back to farming and tilling his own land—and be left alone. But he would not be pushed and allow others to be unjustly treated, nor stand by and do nothing! We need people like this who rise up in their station of life assuming the weight of the world—accepting defeat if it comes—but seeking the honor of fellow compatriots even if misunderstood by loyalists to a tyrannical government. Speak.

Your freedom is already wearing the noose! With a flick of the whip, will you stand by and watch it writhe and gag on the philosophies and worldviews of evil. I say…NO.

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