The Devil Likes To Fish

Every day is a learning experience. If you ask what God wants to teach you in every moment, I believe he reveals himself and gives his wisdom if we ask and are purposeful in our steps to obtain it. His Word is a teacher and tutor for how to view life, to understand it, and operate within it. Quite simply, I do in fact believe every moment teaches…you just need to make yourself available to listen and not disregard even the mundane.

            One such instance happened the other day on a very cold morning. I’m a believer in simplicity and do things the hard way; sometimes that pays off, and other times it doesn’t. (This time it did!) So, as I hand augured my hole and pitched my spot in a position uncommonly used on the lake (for ice fishing), I prayed over the hole in the ice and waited without knowing what was below. (Sounds funny eh?)

            As I sat, I remembered all the times in my life being told how overly analytical I can be…and still decided to analyze my situation! It went like this: “If I was a fish, why would I bite a suspended bait if it wasn’t really free without catch? How would the devil do it?? Usually he gives “freebees”; sin that is available without perceivable consequence….”

            The idea struck me! What if I dropped free bait and let the fish think that their meal was of no consequence? After all, you can’t eat your bait (or shouldn’t), and feeding fish is a worthwhile endeavor if I gain a few!

            Well, it worked. The fish must have been swarming below, and almost as quick as I could get my line down, I would get another and another. By this time, I was on fish #7 when my rod went berserk! The reel was literally spitting out line in the water, screeching like Jaws was swimming below! (This is untypical for ice-fishing.) After fighting for about five minutes and bewildered by it all, the 26” “devil fish” surfaced the hole. I pulled the pike in by hand and thought to myself: “UNBELIEVABLE!”.

            While this looks like a bragging session (sorry), I think a lesson is in-tow. You see, the devil likes to “chum” (lure in victims) with perceivable “free sin”. People get comfortable with a sin that no longer alarms them until they feel the hook dragging them to consequence. While sin itself has its own consequences “built in”, the devil lurks around the “punchbowl of sin” to devour those who aren’t even taken captive by the hook. He strikes without warning.

            What sin do you give a sidelong glance to? Be aware that the devil likes to “chum” too! His own sin is enough to drag himself to hell…and someday it will. In the meantime, be aware morally, spiritually, politically—nearly every facet of life—the devil likes to fish. He is a tactician that is unequaled. The best way to flee the allure of sin is to submit to God and draw near to Him. “ SUBMIT yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. DRAW NEAR to God, and he will draw near to you….” (James 4:7-8a).

            The only prayer you ever have in your “resistance” to the world, sin, and the devil; it is your nearness to God and the submitting to his ways. You cannot have hope, clarity, safety, or clear conscience without him. Not only should you not do life without him; do life with him personally and draw near to him intimately. Your reward for doing so is a “near” God. He is always near you, technically, but He can and will (many times and in many ways) give you an overwhelming sense of his presence. The more you “draw near” God’s way and live out submission God’s way…the presence of God will be powerfully experienced in His timing. He has promised it.

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