Thou shalt fight, how? when?

“Is fighting good or bad?”

This is a simple question I asked my kids on “thoughtful-Thursday”, around the kitchen table. Their responses ranged from definitive answers of yes, no, and looks of bewilderment! (Asking them the open-ended questions lends all of us to think more critically—even if it makes us more vulnerable to not knowing the answer.)

Like yourself, my children, and I; we are all led to the conclusion that the context is supremely important to answering the question. Without context we cannot even discern if the choice of “not fighting” is right….

-“Is it wrong to fight against your sin?” No. In fact, it would be wrong to not fight against it; it is right to do so.

-“Is it right to fight another person?” Their simple answer is: “no”, until I change the variables….

-“Is it right to fight another person to defend the God-ordained rights of another?” At that point, this is where so much changes! I’m told by Jesus to turn the other cheek to injustice incurred against me personally, but I’m never told to turn a blind eye to the violation of another person. This point alone unearths a paradigm that is often neglected: NOT doing what is right, when it is in your power to do, is SINFUL and WRONG (James 4:17).

We would all like to operate in the realm of “transparent-absolutes”, however, the world isn’t forthcoming of what is good and what is evil for the action-points of personal application. (Don’t misunderstand me, I believe in absolutes. I just believe that knowing good and evil is a basic endeavor—until we engage in the discernment of what is good and what is best. It takes work!) It will require an absolute truth, guiding principles, and an undiluted God to be able to accomplish this. And in the end, often we will be left wondering if we are making the best decisions…. The point is this: Not making a decision for the sake of not knowing the best answer is the WRONG DECISION and WRONG ANSWER.

The authority of the Bible is the foundation for discernment. If God is the same today as he was yesterday, then I had better get to know the God of “yesterday” in order to serve him more readily today! Ecclesiastes chapter 3 gives us the charge of “…there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:…” So, that being said, hadn’t we better get to know the creator of these “seasons” if we want our marching orders? The bottom line—and there are many—not knowing God and the unification of the entire Word means you won’t know the seasons you are living in!

Luke 3:14 is an interesting passage. Here, John speaks to soldiers (aka former oppressive Roman soldiers) and gives them their marching orders! John the baptizer–the same guy that tells everyone to repent (turn away from sin)—tells these guys to discontinue their unjust acts against people, but never tells them to repent of their duty of service. Interesting. Read it for yourself.

This subject really deserves a book…but the Bible gives us answers! There is always a time and a place for everything; it takes discernment to know the time you are in, the methods of “deployment”/strategy/intuition to use, and a dependency on God to give wisdom both before and during application. Divine dependency is the root of the strong man; growth must take place in due season before it can face the fiercest of winds. Dig now. The storm is always building.

As I learn the history of this country, my years of wrestling with God and guns (how it fits together), how laws of the land fits/doesn’t fit with the Word…my wrestling was never in vain! America began because men had conviction—not grounded in themselves—rather, invested in the Word of God! America can only be great if men and women want a great God. This takes wrestling, it doesn’t happen over night—but conformity to the Word is worth making—because the Word will make you! This concept is not new…it’s just being forgotten and disregarded. Regard this: the Word can make you; “transform you”. Let it.

One thought on “Thou shalt fight, how? when?

  1. I’m finding myself speechless and I wanting to get lost in His Word! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It definitely gives one wanting more and wanting to think deeper.

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