*The Mission*

I’m not holding back on “sheepdog” intuition here; rather, calling the cards the way I see them.

We live in a time of great turmoil and confusion; up is down, down is up, right is left, and being virtuous is wrong—while being perverted and mentally instable is virtuous(?!) That being said, I already know that I have entered into politically incorrect territory by using this coded language. The Bible uses a much stronger term that cuts to the chase, it’s called “lawlessness”. And, while I would love to cover the topic of “lawlessness” in it’s entirety here, the human timeline doesn’t even give me the ability to address the depth of depravity amassed in one solitary day!

What if I told you that the Word of God doesn’t promise things to get better before the end—before his return? Would you still be excited for his return? If I told you it was soon and growing very close—and with it comes the idealistic eradication of believing Christians on a global scale, are you still excited? “…Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8) “And because lawlessness will increase, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matt. 24:12)

Do understand that the “salt”—God’s people and lawful living—preserves the earth. When the salt is no more things spoil. Need I say more? “For there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be.” (Matt. 24:21) “For the sake of the elect (believers) those days will be cut short.” (Matt. 24:22) The “cutting short” is prefaced by a “great tribulation” that believers have a part to play until the “cutting short” (or interpreted by some “the rapture of believers”). I prefer to prepare for the worst and hope for the best–no matter where you land on the eschatology scale (study of end times prophecy).

I’m going thru great length to say that I believe time is getting short, tribulation/persecution is coming, and if Christ’s return is to be soon and imminent—the notch on the persecution frequency is about to get turned up. As an American I feel that my country—with it’s Judeo Christian values—has died and become a husk of godly endeavors, instead, now championing lawlessness…. While this all sounds extremely depressing, it is also a double edged sword! IT MEANS OUR KING IS COMING BACK SOONER THAN ANYONE REALIZES, and, while I do not welcome persecution with open arms, the return of Christ is something I extend open arms to.

There is a spiritual famine in the land, however, I realize that pockets of Christianity will indeed see revival; faith will be honed and sharpened because bad times make for courageous men and women. But strength comes from trial and we are about to enter it. Those whose storehouses are filled with only the material to survive another day in the world of great trial, will have less hope to offer than the one who has little but whose sights are set on the kingdom greater than this!

All this to say: redeem the time while it is day! While we are earth dwellers, our hope is not in its salvation alone, is it? If hell itself cannot prevail against the Church, it is because it is not of this world…and because it is not of this world it will prevail. It is when we walk (in part) as immortals; “putting on immortality” (1Cor. 15:53) that we will be an undefeated people, come what may.

So… you have stumbled onto this site, and I am grateful. At times I may take myself too seriously (sorry) and many times I take the Word of God very seriously (I make no apology). My goal is to strengthen believers for what I believe is coming. (And if it doesn’t, oh well—being spiritually strong is still a worthy endeavor, right?!) While I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, I believe my mission in life is to help strengthen and equip those who will listen and point them in the direction of a FULL LIFE and why it matters. Every day I intend to post an audio devotional from our beloved Puritan forefathers. (I would encourage anybody and everybody to get this one devotional volume “Voices From the Past”.) It—in my opinion—is one of the best secondary growth-resources to the Bible. Check it out, keep listening, keep reading; keep growing!

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