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(Revelation 2:4) Anyone who applies this imperative to themselves, as Christ did to Ephesus, will likely have an answer given by the Holy Spirit that cuts them to the heart! Have you left your first love? Is something edgy and poignant in my relationship to Christ but can’t identify it?? The solution: “Do the
works you did at the first!” When you first believed: RETURN to that.

I say this in humility and almost a self-loathing…. Many times I struggle. I can get too focused on the grit of life; approaching things with a “take that hill” attitude–much like Ephesus! As much as our destination(s) in life are important, the journey beside Christ along the way, is more. Doing for Him is not the equal of doing with Him. The yoke is only easy when we accept His help. He is always
waiting for us to ask and rely on His power.

God is not impressed by determination–but by Him who dwells in you; He (Jesus) who is determined to never leave you or forsake you.

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