Be Much in the Thoughts of God

“Be much in the thoughts of God: frequently, delightfully, and consistently. These bring a divine influence on the soul and fill it with heat and light, and leave deep impressions of God upon theheart.” –David Clarkson (Puritan)

We walk by faith, mindful of the world to come, yet, all too aware of this present reality…. Our finitude is revealed to us when we cannot find concrete answers to our questions: How should I respond to the threat against my rights? What should my attitude be? What is my responsibility in all of this? While I do not (and will not) pretend to have all the answers, I do know a God of supernatural wisdom! And, while we habitually seek understanding through people and the many idiosyncrasies of daily life, the Word warns us of impending doom if we should divorce wisdom from knowledge. There will even be a time when people recognize their need of supernatural wisdom too late! (Proverbs 1:28) “Then they will call upon me [wisdom], but I will not answer; they will seek me diligently but will not find me.”

Plant the garden of wisdom and let the Word give it increase. It may be, that when others have no wisdom of their own, they may stumble into this garden of God’s design and glorify Him for such provision. Oh, to always be in His garden! The sustenance it gives will propel us through daily life, no matter the size of the mountain.

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