Your best life now…and later

Recently, I was asked why most people have a midlife crisis, many divorce after 30 years, etc. As I contemplated those things, it dawned on me that people do contemplate their mortality often…but in a negative light! Many people see mortality as, “I must get as much out of life as I can, I won’t get
another one!” And, while there is no quarrel against living a “full life”, it matters what gives life “fullness”.

When I think on what Paul says, about “this mortal body shall put on immortality”: I think life without death—but LIFE nonetheless! If in Christ we died to the flesh and were raised to walk in the newness of life—then in the same manner—death is just a veil that shields me from the glories that every created being longs for!
If baptism is likened to being buried with Christ in death, then when I take my last breath, it will be a baptism unlike any other—as the furious glory of God and his love for me encompasses round about—the sorrows of this world will be drowned in the depths of a tumultuous clapping of angel’s wings! Just as much as Christ is alive and well–his living, breathing body–is a proof of what I have. It makes you live different and jeopardizes the philosophy and methods of those that would seek to manipulate and discourage you!

Like the Egyptian riders that pursued the Israelites thru the raised walls of water in the Exodus, they did not and will not get a trumpet call home! Yet, what will be on the opposing shore for us (the people of God)?? Song and dance will be ubiquitous; life as it was meant to be will be ours—FOREVER. This is how we hold onto this life loosely; casting all cares to him who carries the weight of the world…by the very “word of his power”.

Simple mortal lives see life bleakly, but immortal lives walk in this power: that just beyond the curtain is a God who welcomes us home—where worship, life, pleasures, and joy are—as it was always meant to be. The blessed hope is a reality and has the power to transform how you live here…and now.

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